R.U.R. Computer Services can help you fix a sick computer network for your business!
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Our services
R.U.R. Computer Services, 303-275-7177 or hanshadow@comcast.net

Expert Service at Affordable Prices!

From our earliest days on, we have been dedicated to making your technology work.  We have undergone many changes since our start, but one mission has been consistent: We offer expert service at affordable prices. We guarantee our work and our products. Today, we focus on networks.  We work with you to customize the most effective computer set-up for your company, often using your existing equipment and software.  After your system is running, you can count on R.U.R. to keep it working for you.  

We offer consulting for:

  • Start ups
  • Small businesses
  • Medium and large businesses
  • Public and private companies
  • Service companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Global companies
  • Companies across all industries
  • Companies wanting to go public

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